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Tire Shredders

Tire shredders play a very large role in tire recycling. Usually the first step to converting whole tires into a usable product or landfill material is to shred them. Tires are incredibly durable and resilient to destruction. For this reason, tire shredders tend to have more torque than garbage shredders or wood shredders. The most popular type of tire shredder is called a shear shredder. These are typically slow speed with two shafts of knives. Most of these machines are equipped with built in safeties so that if a foreign object falls into the machine the machine will reverse before serious damage is done to the knives or shafts. Any of these machines may be stationary units that are set in one place and hooked to three phase power or portable machines with engines or generators. Portables are always more expensive than stationary because of the extras needed to make them move and provide power.

Used / Refurbished Shredders “See below” New Raptor Shredders Click Here

Barclay 6P Tire Shredder

T01161aWebPrice: $125,000
Number: T01161

Barclay is the leader in rough cut, primary shredding of tires.  The 72” wide cutting chamber allows the Barclay 6P to shred including Super Single, backhoe, tractor and flotation tires.  And the 50 hp electric motor makes this a very economical shredder to operate.  This is a very clean 6P that comes with the factory infeed conveyor. 

SSI M-70 Shredder

SSI1webPrice: $72,500
Number: T02268

SSI makes a great shredder, and the M70 model is no exception to that rule. It has a cutting chamber of 29 inches by 40 inches, and is powered with a 70 h.p. electric motor. It is suitable for wood waste/pallets, drums, plastics, light electronic scrap and passenger tires. This machine comes with a 70 hp electric motor and controls, as well as an infeed conveyor.

Model 72 X 44HT Granutech/Saturn Tire Shredding System

311_imgPrice: $Call for price
Number: T0197

We are in the process of refurbishing this machine and it will be an excellent machine once we have it completed.  This machine will have brand new hex shafts installed, with 2” thick (hardfaced) -2 hook knives in the primary part of the shredding chamber and 1 3/8” thick (hardfaced) -12 hook knives installed in the secondary part of the shredding chamber.  This unit will have new cleaning fingers and rails installed in it and have new bearings and seals.  The machine will have two either freshly rebuilt 525KYB Hydraulic motors or new ones used to power the shredder.  We    —-> Read the Rest

MacSaturn 62x40HT Tire Shredder

Tire ShredderPrice: $Call for pricing
Number: T01121

The MacSaturn 62x40HT has been shredding tires in the tire recycling industry for many years.  This shredder has just had new gears, shafts, 2 inch knives  and cleaning fingers installed.  It comes complete with a hydraulic power pak, electric motors, and electric control panel including starters and breakers.  It will be set up with a BHS Disc Screen Classifier and all the conveyors to make a complete 2 inch shredding system.  The Model 62x40HT will do 5 to 6 ton per hour of car tires down to a 2 inch chip.

Columbus McKinnon Tire Chipper Shredder

204_imgPrice: $235,000
Number: T0183

This CM Chipper is a great machine for taking preshredded tires and taking them down to a marketable material. We have completely refurbished this machine, including installing new hardened rotors. The rotors are made out of a heat treated 4140 material, rather than the mild steel they are usually built with. We have done this so that when a knife comes off while the machine is in operation and you don’t catch it immediately you shouldn’t harm your knife seats near as easily. In addition this rotor has a multi-stack rotor design meaning it has 1.9, 1.8, and 1.7 knife    —-> Read the Rest