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Tire Shredders

Tire shredders play a very large role in tire recycling. Usually the first step to converting whole tires into a usable product or landfill material is to shred them. Tires are incredibly durable and resilient to destruction. For this reason, tire shredders tend to have more torque than garbage shredders or wood shredders. The most popular type of tire shredder is called a shear shredder. These are typically slow speed with two shafts of knives. Most of these machines are equipped with built in safeties so that if a foreign object falls into the machine the machine will reverse before serious damage is done to the knives or shafts. Any of these machines may be stationary units that are set in one place and hooked to three phase power or portable machines with engines or generators. Portables are always more expensive than stationary because of the extras needed to make them move and provide power.

Used / Refurbished Shredders “See below” New Raptor Shredders Click Here

IDM Raptor R-162 Shear Shredder w/ Action Vibratory Screener

RaptorR162Drawing021215webPrice: $425,000
Number: T01174

This system is designed to take whole tires (passenger & OTR) down to a 2 inch nominal TDF chip. Equipment List For IDM Raptor Shredding System: Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor (new) 48” wide X 30’ long flat slider belt with sides Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder (new) for doing primary & secondary shredding Completely Refurbished IDM Raptor Model R-162 shredder with (2) 150 H.P. electric motors.  We will install new (5) hook 1.7 wide knives in the primary shredding chamber and new (16) hook 1.7 wide knives in the secondary shredding part of the chamber.  Of course    —-> Read the Rest

Whole Tire down to 1” chip processing system

ShredderWebPrice: $495,000
Number: T01169

1. Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor (new) 2. Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder (new) for doing a split camber machine 3. Refurbished Granutech Model 62 X 4OHT shredder with high out-put hydraulic motor 4. 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac (new) 5. Custom built stand for shredder with catwalks(new) 6. Custom built shredder out-feed conveyor (new) 7. Custom built 42” X 7’6” Rotary disc screen classifier with 7.5 H.P. electric motor (new) 8. Custom built stand for classifier with catwalks 9. Short recirculating conveyor (new) 10. Long recirculating conveyor (new) 11. Sized material out-feed conveyor (new) 12. Refurbished Surge    —-> Read the Rest

SSI Model 2400H Portable Tire Shredder

M0278fWebPrice: $142,500
Number: M0278

This portable SSI Model 2400H is powered by a 6 cylinder Cummins Diesel engine and this engine drives the large hydraulic pumps which in turn drive a KYB 375-5 Hydraulic motor that powers the gear reducer on the shredder that drives the two main shafts and has 2811 actual hours on it. The SSI 2400 is one of the best shredders around for the shredding of tires both semi-truck and passenger tires as well as many other products such as drums, e-waste, pallets, municipal waste, industrial waste, paper and light metals. This shredder has a cutting chamber that is 40”    —-> Read the Rest

BCA Tire Shredder Model PD1000TF

T02284gWebPrice: $130,000
Number: T02284

BCA makes a good medium duty shredder for processing car and light truck tires at a rate of about 300 tires an hour. This shredder actually comes with two screens, a 1 inch and a 2 ½ to 3 inch screen. It also comes with an extra conveyor belt for the outfeed conveyor. It is powered by a 100 hp Kubota deisel engine and can be pulled by ¾ ton pickup. This machine is in almost new condition with under 1000 hours and is ready to go to work.

Granutech/ Saturn Model 50 Grizzly Tire Grinder

M50fWebPrice: $270,000
Number: T01164

The Granutech/Saturn Model 50 Grizzly is the premier machine for taking 2 inch tire chips down to a 1 inch or ¾ inch minus mulch. This heavy duty machine is powered by a 200 H.P. electric motor that in turn goes through a large heavy duty Falk drive that produces a rotor speed shaft of 150 RPM. This machine will have a brand new rotor installed along with a new set of fly and bed knives. And we will furnish you with a screen size of your choice depending on what size material you need to produce. This system has    —-> Read the Rest

Portable Barclay 6P Tire Shredder

T01132bWebPrice: $175,000
Number: T02289

Barclay is the leader in high volume low cost to run technology, and this Barclay 6P is the powerhouse of their line. With a 6 ft cutting chamber it can handle the bigger tires like tractor and backhoe tires. It has brand new blades installed so the machine will be ready to go, as well as having a new motor, new infeed chain and new paint job. This portable shredder is on a trailer and comes with an infeed conveyor. This machine will do over 1000 car tires or 300 truck tires an hour down to a 6 inch rough    —-> Read the Rest

Portable Columbus McKinnon Tire Shredder

T02288aWebPrice: $275,000
Number: T02288

Columbus McKinnon has been a leader in the tire shredder industry for years. This 1992 Portable Shredder with a classifier will take whole tires and make a 2 inch chip for a great TDF product. It comes with both the infeed and outfeed conveyor for a complete 2 inch chip system on one trailer. It is on a 2006 Globe trailer, and is powered by a 3408 Cat diesel engine. They just replaced a bearing in the machine so it is ready to go to work, and can be demonstrated.

Portable Granutech Saturn 62x40HT 2” chip system, Tire Shredder

T02286aWebPrice: $195,000
Number: T02286

The Portable Granutech Saturn 62x40HT is the machine to use for mobile tire cleanups. It will shred 400 car tires an hour down to a 2” chip. This machine has a new pump and a new pillow block on the classifier. There has been quite a bit of work done on both the daisy wheels and the electrical system. This unit is hydraulic and is powered by a 360 hp Cummins diesel engine, and comes mounted on a triple axle trailer for easy moving from site to site. This system is set up with a 2 inch disc screen classifier    —-> Read the Rest

Portable Eidal 62 x 41 Shredder

T02219jWebPrice: $175,000
Number: T02219

This portable shredder is ideal for tire pile clean ups. It is a primary shredder powered by a Cat 3408 diesel engine, and will do 1000 PTE per hour. It has an infeed and outfeed conveyor and mounts on a dual axle trailer for easy movement with a tractor trailer. It has just been painted and has had good maintenance so it is ready to go to work.

Portable SSI 1800 tire shredder with Classifier

1800 SSI 007aWebPrice: $235,000
Number: T02280

SSI makes a great shredder, and this portable SSI 1800 is a nice 125 hp shredder that does a nice job of car and light truck tires.  This machine has been recently painted, with new belts installed.  It also has a newly rebuilt electric motor and the planetary drive was replaced less than a year ago, and new fingers and rails.  There is a spare set of knives that need to be rebuilt that go with the machine, as well as 2 spare shafts.