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Tire Recycling Equipment

Eagle Tire Baler

T02273aWebPrice: $39,500
Number: T02273

The Eagle line of tire processing equipment is highly regarded in the industry. This 2006 baler is in great shape, used only 4 years by a county and has been sitting for 3 years. It is powered by a 25 hp electric motor. It comes with an infeed conveyor and a double infeed hopper. A completed bale is 2 ½ foot by 4 ½ foot by 5 foot and contains up to 100 waste car/light truck tires. You can also do a mix of some truck tires in a bale. This machine can be used not only for tires but    —-> Read the Rest

SSI Portable SSI tire shredder with Classifier

1800 SSI 007aWebPrice: $235,000
Number: T02280

SSI makes a great shredder, and this portable SSI 1800 is a nice 125 hp shredder that does a nice job of car and light truck tires.  This machine has been recently painted, with new belts installed.  It also has a newly rebuilt electric motor and the planetary drive was replaced less than a year ago, and new fingers and rails.  There is a spare set of knives that need to be rebuilt that go with the machine, as well as 2 spare shafts. 

Desco Tire Cutter Model 2500

T02279aWebPrice: $28,500
Number: T02279

This Desco Tire Cutter is in top notch condition.  It will cut car and semi truck tires, and some agriculture tires as well.  It is mobile with a 2 inch ball hitch and is powered by an 22 hp Kohler motor with.  Cycle time is 15-20 seconds.

Portable MacSaturn 62x40HT 2” tire chip system

T02264xwebPrice: $ Call for pricing
Number: T02264

The MacSaturn 62x40HT is the machine to use for mobile tire cleanups.  It will shred 400 car tires an hour down to a 2” chip.  This unit is hydraulic and is powered by a 360 hp Cummins diesel engine, and comes mounted on a triple axle trailer for easy moving from site to site.  This system is set up with a 2 inch trommel screen and all re-circulating conveyors to make a complete 2” minus chip system.  This Saturn 62x40HT is a clean machine that was rebuilt and has not been used but a few hours since the rebuild.

SSI 1500H Tire Shredder

T02262dwebPrice: $50,000
Number: T02262

This SSI shredder is a hydraulic machine with 2 100  hp electric motors.  It has an opening of 52 inches by 32 inches.  The 2 inch knives will produce a primary shred out of car and passenger tires.  This machine has just had a bearing replaced so it’s running real smooth.  It is a clean machine that comes complete with the infeed and outfeed conveyors, stand, hopper, hydraulic power pak, and electric motor and controls.  This shredder is ready to go to work and can be demonstrated on request.

Eidal 62x41HT Shredder, Tires, Wood, EWaste

T02276eWebPrice: $62,000
Number: T02276

The Eidal 62×41 Shredder is a powerhouse of a shredder.  This shredder is powered with 2 150hp hydraulic drives that will do a wide variety of materials including tires, wood, pallets, and e-waste.  The machine has 1.2 inch 2 hook double stacked knives and it comes with an infeed and outfeed conveyor.  This is a no frills shredder that gets the job done, and parts are readily available.  This machine is ready to go to work, and there is a video of the machine in operation at your request.

Eagle Stationary Truck Tire Debeader

T01160aWebPrice: $Call for pricing
Number: T01160

The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader is a great addition to a shredding operation, removing the bead from radial truck tires.  This process of bead removal protects the knives on your shredder from the excessive wear of a truck tire bead, and allows for a cleaner end product. 

Eagle Portable Truck Tire Debeader

T01159aWebPrice: $Call for pricing
Number: T01159

The Eagle Truck Tire Debeader removes the bead from radial truck tires, protecting the knives on your shredder from the excessive wear of a truck tire bead.  Removing the bead also allows for a cleaner end product.  This portable diesel unit is powered by a 76 hp Cummins diesel engine, and it runs very smooth. 

Eagle Tuf Cut Tire Cutter

T01158aWebPrice: $32,500
Number: T01158

The Eagle Tuf Cut adds flexibility to your tire processing operation by allowing you to accept and process tires up to 23.5/25 12 ply into your system.  This portable diesel unit is powered by a 23 hp Isuzu diesel engine, and it runs very smooth.  It comes standard with a hydraulic tire lift and rollers to be able to manage the bigger tires.  You can cut about 60 truck tires or 120 to 150 passenger tires an hour.  This machine will have a new blade installed and it’s ready to go to work.

Eagle Super Slicer Tire Cutter

EaglewebPrice: $19,500
Number: T02265

Eagle is the company to look to for tire processing equipment. The Eagle Super Slicer enables you to remove the sidewalls and the steel beads from truck tires, light truck tires and car tires. The cycle time is about twelve seconds for a truck tire up to 44 inches for a production rate of 60-80 tires per hour, and eight seconds on car tires for a production rate of 90-100 per hour. This stationary Super Slicer is powered by a 15 hp electric motor and this machine is ready to go to work.