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Tire Recycling Equipment

Portable Primary Eidal 52×32 Tire Shredder

T02305aWebPrice: $125,000
Number: T02305

This portable Eidal is a great primary car tire shredder. It comes on a trailer with a generator, and has an infeed and outfeed conveyor. This shredder also comes with a spare set of knives to be rebuilt. This shredder will do a great job on passenger tires down to a 2 inch primary shred at a rate of about 300 tires an hour. A great starter machine.

Eagle Tuf Cut tire cutter

T01158aWebPrice: $39,500
Number: T01158

The Eagle Tuf Cut adds flexibility to your tire processing operation by allowing you to accept and process tires up to 23.5/25 12 ply into your system. This portable diesel unit is powered by a 23 hp Isuzu diesel engine, and it runs very smooth. It comes standard with a hydraulic tire lift and rollers to be able to manage the bigger tires. You can cut about 60 truck tires or 120 to 150 passenger tires an hour. This machine has new blade installed and has been painted.

30” Mechanical Shear

T01125eWebPrice: $25,000
Number: T01125

This heavy duty shear would be a great addition to a scrap or tire facility. It was previously used to cut the steel rims out of tires, and was operating when it was taken out of commission. It has a 30 inch blade and a 15 hp electric motor. The electric motor powers two big flywheels which allows the machine to have a tremendous amount of shearing force. We have looked this machine over from top to bottom and all the gears, shafts, and bearings look to be very serviceable for many years to come. (Caution: This is a mechanical    —-> Read the Rest

MacSaturn 62x40HT Tire Shredder

T01121aWebPrice: $250,000
Number: T01166

The MacSaturn 62x40HT shredder is a tried and true option for shredding mostly car and some truck tires. We have rebuilt more of this make and model of shredder than any other in our 18 years in business. The machine will have brand new knives and seals. This machine will be set up with a brand new disc screen classifier and custom built conveyors to make a 2 inch chip. This shredder is hydraulically powered with 200 hp, and will produce 4-5 ton per hour of 2 inch chips. We can also set this machine up as a primary shredder,    —-> Read the Rest

Refurbished Cumberland 3250 Granulator

T01122iWebPrice: $160,000
Number: T01122

Cumberland equipment has a long history of success in the recycling industry. We recently completed rebuilding this machine from top to bottom. The machine has had every bolt hole repaired not with just Heli-coils but we have drilled each of these holes out oversize and used 4140 inserts to make a more permanent repair. All wear surfaces have been rebuilt using Stoody hard-facing build up wire for long lasting ability to these high wear areas. New bearings were installed on the refurbished rotor along with new fly knives. All the bed knives surfaces were repaired and new bed knives installed.    —-> Read the Rest

Raptor Shear Shredder or Shredder System

TR0102eWebPrice: $365,000 or 475,000
Number: T01172

We currently have for sale (1) used (IDM) Raptor Model R-162 Shredder powered directly by a (2) 150 H.P. electric motors. The hopper opening is 44” x 57”. This is without a doubt one of the highest production machines manufactured in the United States today. And in combination with this high production factor they are also the most user friendly machines to operate and work on in the industry. These machines have at least ten reasons that help make them the clear choice to purchase when compared to other shear shredders being manufactured today in the United States. You won’t    —-> Read the Rest

SSI 1600E Shear Shredder

T02293aWebPrice: $65,000
Number: T02293

SSI has been supplying equipment to the recycling industry for years, and have earned a reputation of building high quality processing equipment. The 1600E is a great example of that reputation. This shredder comes with the control panel and stand and both a top hopper and bottom hopper. This 1600E shredder is powered by a 100 H.P. electric motor. It also comes with a spare set of knives. The chamber opening is 36” x 50” so it can easily handle car tires as well as cardboard, electronic waste, plastics, wood waste and light metals.

Eagle Stationary Truck Tire Debeader

to1160owebPrice: $44,500
Number: T02299

This Eagle Truck Tire Debeader has been gone through by a professional shop and is ready to go to work. It has also had the electrical system looked at so switches and connectors are in good operating condition. It is powered by 76 hp electric motor, with a cycle time that is about 20 seconds. One person can do 50-60 truck tires per hour. This process of bead removal protects the knives on your shredder from the excessive wear of a truck tire bead, and allows for a cleaner end product.

Action Wire Reclaimer system

T01170fWebPrice: $175,000
Number: T01170

Tire processors have been fighting with the mixed metal and rubber material since tire shredding started.  This Free Wire Reclaimer aids in the process cleaning the mix material up and declumping of that mixed material using a vibrating stainless steel trough assembly suspended on springs with upper and lower troughs. As the material moves down the conveyor it shakes the “clumps” apart.  The rubber falls through and the freed wire is then picked up with a series of four magnets.

Eagle Super Slicer Tire Sidewall & Bead Remover

EaglewebPrice: $19,500
Number: T02265

Eagle is the company to look to for tire processing equipment. The Eagle Super Slicer enables you to remove the sidewalls and the steel beads from truck tires, light truck tires and car tires. The cycle time is about twelve seconds for a truck tire up to 44 inches for a production rate of 60-80 tires per hour, and eight seconds on car tires for a production rate of 90-100 per hour. This stationary Super Slicer is powered by a 15 hp electric motor and this machine is ready to go to work..