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Miscellaneous equipment includes anything we don’t have listed in the other categories.

Compost Tarping Machine

M02149aWebPrice: $235,000
Number: M02149

This tarping machine was custom built by Hanson Industries and only has approx. 1,050 hours of use. It is 12’ x 34’ and will handle a 42’ wide tarp. Can be used for covering compost or many other materials as well. It is ran for about 1 hour per day and can be demonstrated.

Amerimulch Spitfire M Colorizer

W021211aWebPrice: $9,500
Number: W021211

This Spitfire M colorizer can color up to 300 yards per hour & comes with a remote. It runs on 110V power and requires about 15 gallons of water per yard produced. This unit has been kept inside and is in very good condition. Call today for more details!

Amerimulch Spitfire M Colorizer

W021212aWebPrice: $9,500
Number: W021212

This Spitfire M colorizer can color up to 300 yards per hour and comes with a remote. It runs on 110V power and requires about 15 gallons of water per yard produced. This unit is in good condition. Call today for more details!

Rotochopper CP118

W021198aWebPrice: $84,000
Number: W021198

This portable chip processor can be towed with a pick up truck and is powered by a 115HP John Deere Diesel engine. It has been completely reconditioned. It has only 1,300 hours of use. It has a 5 yard hopper, high speed grinding mill, and a sizing screen that can turn low quality wood chips into profitable colored mulch! This machine can grind and color wood chips & bark up to about 70 yards per hour. Call today for more details!!

Miller Manufacturing Glass Crushers

M02143aWebPrice: $9,500
Number: M02143

This pair of glass crushers were built by Miller Manufacturing and are powered by a 1HP motor. Per manufacturer, they are used to process glass bottles and will produce 1-3 tons per hour of shared, primary reduction material. Current owner never used them, but was told by previous owner that they are operational. Selling as a pair and they can be hauled on a 10’-12’ trailer. They are immediately available. Call today for more details!

30” Mechanical Shear

T01125eWebPrice: $25,000
Number: T01125

This heavy duty shear would be a great addition to a scrap or tire facility. It was previously used to cut the steel rims out of tires, and was operating when it was taken out of commission. It has a 30 inch blade and a 15 hp electric motor. The electric motor powers two big flywheels which allows the machine to have a tremendous amount of shearing force. We have looked this machine over from top to bottom and all the gears, shafts, and bearings look to be very serviceable for many years to come. (Caution: This is a mechanical    —-> Read the Rest

Granutech Saturn RotoGrind M160H

M02139fWebPrice: $135,000
Number: M02139

This 1999 model M160 is a 200 hp single rotor, hydraulically driven shredder. It features a solid steel rotor with multiple edges, providing the lowest operating cost possible. This shredder will work great for processing many different materials including pallets, wood waste, fiber, film, paper, e-waste, and much more. The opening is 79” x 63”. This machine has newer electronics and a newer electrical control panel, as well as a newer hydraulic motor and a new radiator. The knives in it have only little wear and it also comes with a spare set of knives as well. It is ready    —-> Read the Rest

Fecon Batch Coloring Unit

W02740aWebPrice: $42,500
Number: W021140

This is a 7 yrd.batch-coloring unit by Fecon, powered by a John Deere Diesel engine, has a 5-yard hopper that feeds the product into the coloring chamber. Unit is portable and self-contained and easily towed with its gooseneck trailer. This colorizer has low hours of use and is ready to go to work. Also great for custom mixing of sludge/compost/soil.

30 HP Granulator

M0158aWebPrice: $14,500
Number: M0158

A very nice factory built 30 HP granulator with a 13” x 20” throat. This granulator has 5 fly knives and 2 bed knives and comes with lots of extra knives that could be re-sharpened. This granulator is being ran at 1180 RPM and comes with a 7 ½ HP blower to suck the material out from under the granulator. This granulator comes with 47 different screens for making all different size materials. This machine would work great for processing either plastic, rubber or many other types of material. We cannot find the brand name on the machine any place,    —-> Read the Rest

Wood‘n Colors Mulch Coloring Machine

W02978bWebPrice: $Make offer
Number: W02978

This Wood’n Colors mulch coloring machine is electric powered and can color about 120 yards per hour.  It is a continuous colorizer and was last used this summer.  Owner has had moved his operation into another direction and no longer has a use for this machine.  Call today for pictures and more details!