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Crumb Rubber Equipment

URC has been rebuilding crumb rubber processing equipment for over 15 years. In the last decade, crumb rubber usage has increase over 50%. Crumb rubber is used in all types of applications, from filler in plastics, molding processes , and as an asphalt ingredient. A typical plant requires a minimum of 3 machines, with auxiliary equipment to handle the wire, dust, and fluff that are by products of the process. The process typically starts with a shredder(s) and screen(s) that takes the whole tire and processes it into a 2 inch chip product.  That chip then goes to a second stage machine that will take the chip and process it on down to a ¾ to ½ inch minus product.  The most common types of these machines are the Granutech Grizzly, Columbus McKinnon Liberator, or Eldan Rasper.  From there the material goes to a granulator that will take the material on down to a 1/4 inch minus product, and is 98% wire free.  The next stage uses a crackermill or powderizer that will take the material down to your desired size – 10,20 30 mesh, etc.

MacSaturn 62×40 and Grizzly M50 system

T02321aWebPrice: $Call for pricing
Number: T-02321

We have a complete plant taking whole tires and producing a 1 inch chip with about 80% of the wire removed. Equipment in the plant is as follows: In-feed conveyor, in-feed hopper, Granutech/Saturn model 62 x 40HT shredder with considerably more torque than the standard factory built machine, 300 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pac, shredder stand with cat walks, shredder out-feed conveyor, 42” x 7’ 6” rotary disc screen classifier, classifier stand with cat walks, short recirculating conveyor, long recirculating conveyor, sized 2”nominal material out-feed conveyor, 5’ X 8’ surge bin with drag chain conveyor, Model 50 grizzly in-feed conveyor, Granutech/Saturn    —-> Read the Rest

Granutech/ Saturn Model 80 Grizzly System

T01157fStockWebPrice: $435,000
Number: T01185

The Granutech/Saturn Model 80 Grizzly is the premier machine for taking 2 inch chips down to a 1 inch minus.  With 300 hp and an extra heavy rotor, the Grizzly can get through the 2 inch chips at a rate of about 4 ton per hour. This 1 inch material can be used as a 1 inch TDF product. This system has everything you need to put this after a 2 inch chip system, including an infeed conveyor, a completely refurbished Grizzly, a vibratory discharge conveyor, outfeed conveyor, crossbelt magnet and an aspiration system.  The Grizzly has a 500 Amp    —-> Read the Rest

Refurbished Cumberland 3250 Granulator

T01122iWebPrice: $160,000
Number: T01122

Cumberland equipment has a long history of success in the recycling industry. We recently completed rebuilding this machine from top to bottom. The machine has had every bolt hole repaired not with just Heli-coils but we have drilled each of these holes out oversize and used 4140 inserts to make a more permanent repair. All wear surfaces have been rebuilt using Stoody hard-facing build up wire for long lasting ability to these high wear areas. New bearings were installed on the refurbished rotor along with new fly knives. All the bed knives surfaces were repaired and new bed knives installed.    —-> Read the Rest

Action Wire Reclaimer system

T01170fWebPrice: $175,000
Number: T01170

Tire processors have been fighting with the mixed metal and rubber material since tire shredding started.  This Free Wire Reclaimer aids in the process cleaning the mix material up and declumping of that mixed material using a vibrating stainless steel trough assembly suspended on springs with upper and lower troughs. As the material moves down the conveyor it shakes the “clumps” apart.  The rubber falls through and the freed wire is then picked up with a series of four magnets.

Pilao Refining Mills Wet Grind System

HPIM3458webNumber: T01135 - T01146

We recently acquired a whole tire recycling plant in Texas. Along with this acquistion of equipment, we obtained the majority of a “wet grind” system as part of the package. Most people know that the only practical way there is to produce either 100 mesh – 200 mesh crumb rubber is by using a “wet grind” system. The price for this sized material is unbelievable compared to what people are currently selling 30-40 mesh crumb rubber. If you are looking to diversify your business, this is your chance to purchase the majority of the equipment needed to setup a “wet    —-> Read the Rest

Entoleter/ AlSteel 48” Granulator

268_imgPrice: $95,000
Number: T0198 and/or T0199

These machines have been completely refurbished and are presently better than new because we have beefed up many of the areas where we had noticed that wear was occurring. These areas were all welded back up to standard and then these areas have all been hard-faced with Stoody build up wire to slow down the wear in these areas in the future. The rotors on these machines were also hard-faced to cut down on the wear areas and we have also installed larger diameter bolt holes that hold all the fly knives in place. We had each knife holder on    —-> Read the Rest

Whole Tire Processing System by Stages


Unlimited Resources Corporation currently has for sale all the major equipment (components) to custom build a complete whole tire (passenger/semi-truck) processing system. We have custom built this system with the capability to produce several different size products, giving you the opportunity for multiple revenue streams. Note: all this equipment has already been refurbished and is currently in our inventory. Two inch nominal tire chips (TDF)- The plant that we have configured would have the capability of producing around 7-10 tons if you only used the Primary two speed Columbus McKinnon tire shredder in conjunction with the 4’ X 30’ Action    —-> Read the Rest

Custom Built Surge Bins

205_imgPrice: $call for pricing
Number: T01116

Surge bins available for immediate sale, customizable for your needs. We have the following surge bins built and waiting in our yard: 1 unit – 8 feet wide by 20 feet long by 10 feet 8 inches tall 1 unit – 8 feet wide by 16 feet long by 10 feet 7 inches tall 1 unit – 8 feet wide by 12 feet long by 10 feet tall 1 unit – 7 feet 2 inches wide by 10 feet long by 4 feet 4 inches tall We custom build these units for many of the systems we design and sell    —-> Read the Rest

Tire Wire Baler

195_imgPrice: $50,000
Number: T01101

We just finished checking this machine over in our shop and made several improvements to enhance the operation of the unit. We test ran the machine and produced several bales and after getting it properly adjusted we were able to make a very consistent size and weight bale. Note: the bales we were producing were 10″ X 10″ X 13″ in size and weighed 30 lbs. Of course this will vary with the amount of rubber you have in your wire as well as the size wire you are trying to bale. This machine works and performs the same job    —-> Read the Rest

Columbus McKinnon Tire Chipper Shredder

204_imgPrice: $235,000
Number: T0183

This CM Chipper is a great machine for taking preshredded tires and taking them down to a marketable material. We have completely refurbished this machine, including installing new hardened rotors. The rotors are made out of a heat treated 4140 material, rather than the mild steel they are usually built with. We have done this so that when a knife comes off while the machine is in operation and you don’t catch it immediately you shouldn’t harm your knife seats near as easily. In addition this rotor has a multi-stack rotor design meaning it has 1.9, 1.8, and 1.7 knife    —-> Read the Rest