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Compost Turners

Compost turners are used to mix and stir compost material in commercial composting operations. Compost turners, sometimes called windrow turners, are designed to traverse trapezoidal windrows. There are front loader mounted turners where the operator simply drives close alongside the pile and the turner picks the material up, mixes it, then deposits it behind the machine. Straddle machines work just as their name implies by passing over the compost rows with the compost underneath the machine. Pull behind turners are designed to be pulled by a tractor or loader and may be self powered or may take their power from a PTO on the tractor pulling them. The operator typically drives alongside the pile and the turner aerates and leaves it behind the machine as the operation proceeds. Most operator’s go with rubber tires, but on soft ground or otherwise marginal conditions, a tracked machine can operate under more severe ground conditions.

Scarab 16 Self Propelled Compost Turner

W021184aWebPrice: $65,000
Number: W021184

This self-propelled Scarab compost turner is powered by a 470HP Detroit Diesel engine and it will produce windrows that are 16 ft wide by 7ft high. It is in good working condition with 8,400hrs. of use and is priced to sell! Maintenance & oil test records available.

Brown Bear PTO PA35C Compost Turner

W021182aWebPrice: $19,500
Number: W021182

This Brown Bear turner is designed to attach a 3 pt. hitch on a 100-160HP tractor and is effective at aerating and turning windrows. It creates 10.5’ windrows and it will work great for composting yard waste, manure, and bio-solids. It requires a tractor with a 3-point hitch and creeper transmission. It is in good condition and is ready to go to work. Call today for more details!!

Frontier TB 12 Pull Behind Compost Turner

W021181aWebPrice: $32,500
Number: W021181

This Frontier pull behind compost turner will create 12’ wide x 5’ tall windrows and only requires a minimum 85HP tractor with creeper gear. It has the patent rotor system and was rebuilt just about a year ago with a new PTO drive, new tunnel, new tires, and more. It is in great operating condition and ready to go right to work. Call for more details & pictures!

Sittler 507 Compost Turner

W021180aWebPrice: $17,500
Number: W021180

This PTO-driven Sittler 507 turner is a pull-type windrow turner that will create 7’ wide windrows. It comes with a water manifold and a tow bar to pull a water wagon. It is ready to go right to work and can turn up to 600 cubic yards per hour. Call today for more details!!

Aeromaster PT-170 Compost Turner

W021179aWebPrice: $55,000
Number: W021179

This Aeromaster PT-170 pull-type windrow turner will create 14’ wide windrows turning approximately 2,670 cubic yards per hour. The gear box has been updated & a drive wheel was added to the outside to keep the turner tracking straight in wet compost. Aeromaster turners were built to produce high quality compost are noted for their durability. They are also a simple design that requires little maintenance. It requires at least a 130H.P. tractor with creeper gear. This turner is in good operating condition and is ready to go to work.

Eagle 12 Compost Turner

W021161aWebPrice: $60,000
Number: W021177

This self-propelled Eagle compost turner has under 1,000 hours of use and will create 12’ wide windrows. It was gone through and had many new parts put on in 2015 and it was repainted. Also a couple months ago it had a new hydraulic motor installed, pumps rebuilt, and new fuel lines put on. It does need a little more TLC. Call today for more details!

Wildcat Compost Turner Model LS177A

W021176aWebPrice: $75,000
Number: W021176

This Wildcat Compost Turner is powered by a 200 HP Cummins diesel engine with only 14 hours on it since bottom end was rebuilt. Unit only has 268 total frame hours of use. This model Wildcat hooks to the front of a loader, and needs one with a minimum rating of 16,200 lbs. straight tipping load, approximately a 3 yd machine. This machine has a windrow capacity of 5’-10’ high by 9’ wide, and can turn about 2300 tons per hour per manufacturer specifications. That is about twice as fast as using the bucket on a front-end loader. This turner    —-> Read the Rest

Scat 481 Compost Turner

W021175aWebPrice: $46,500
Number: W021175

This pull behind Scat compost turner has a 6’ x 7’ elevated face with shredding teeth and it will create a 12’ wide x 5’-6’ tall windrows in 2 passes.  It is powered by a Kubota Diesel engine. It has 140 hours of use and only requires a 35HP-65HP tractor with creeper transmission to pull it. It is a well maintained turner that was previously owned by a non-profit organization and ready to put right to work.  Call today for more details!

Brown Bear R24C Compost Turner

W021173aWebPrice: $10,000
Number: W021173

This Brown Bear turner is driven by the hydraulic oil from a skid loader and attaches to the front of the loader.  Unit can be used for composting manure, bioremediation, and drying lime sludge.  It comes with some spare parts and would be a great addition to a smaller operation!!

Backhus 21.55 (A55) Compost Turner

W021160aWebPrice: $315,000
Number: W021160

This self-propelled compost turner is powered by a Tier III 325HP Cummins Diesel engine and will create 18’ wide x 8’ tall windrows. It is on tracks, has only 3,439 hours of use, and it has an elevating cab. It is ready to go to work and can be moved to multiple sites on a lowboy. Backhus turners have many innovative features and this low hour turner can you save you thousands. Call today for more details!!