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Compost Turners

Compost turners are used to mix and stir compost material in commercial composting operations. Compost turners, sometimes called windrow turners, are designed to traverse trapezoidal windrows. There are front loader mounted turners where the operator simply drives close alongside the pile and the turner picks the material up, mixes it, then deposits it behind the machine. Straddle machines work just as their name implies by passing over the compost rows with the compost underneath the machine. Pull behind turners are designed to be pulled by a tractor or loader and may be self powered or may take their power from a PTO on the tractor pulling them. The operator typically drives alongside the pile and the turner aerates and leaves it behind the machine as the operation proceeds. Most operator’s go with rubber tires, but on soft ground or otherwise marginal conditions, a tracked machine can operate under more severe ground conditions.

Aeromaster PT-130 Compost Turner

W021277aWebPrice: $39,500
Number: W021277

This Aeromaster PT-130 turner is an 11ft. pull-type windrow turner that also comes with a heavy duty, 2500 gallon water trailer. This model can turn about 1,500-2,000 cubic yards per hour. It operates to the right side of the tractor for better viewing and Aeromaster turners are built to turn the material outside in and inside out for superior blending. It requires at least an 110H.P. tractor. This turner is in good condition and ready to go to work!

Wildcat 514 Towable-Straddle Compost Turner

W021273aWebPrice: $64,500
Number: W021273

This towable-straddle compost turner is powered by an 185HP Diesel engine and will create 5’ high by 14’ wide windrows. It only has 1,000 hours of use and it is ready to go to work. This model can turn up to 3,000tph. Call today for more details on this great deal!!

Compost Tarping Machine

M02149aWebPrice: $235,000
Number: M02149

This tarping machine was custom built by Hanson Industries and only has approx. 1,050 hours of use. It is 12’ x 34’ and will handle a 42’ wide tarp. Can be used for covering compost or many other materials as well. It is ran for about 1 hour per day and can be demonstrated.

Scat 4833 Compost Turner

E0192aWebPrice: $45,000
Number: W0192

This self-propelled Scat compost turner on tracks has a 10’ wide x 12’ tall elevated face with shredding teeth and it will create a 20’ wide x 10’ tall windrow in 2 passes. It is powered by a CAT 3116 Diesel engine with only 890 hours on the meter. It has an enclosed cab with heat, backup carmera, front lights, a three speed hydrostatic transmission, and independent steering controls. This model has the capacity to turn 4,000 cubic yards per hour. It is in running condition, but may need some TLC. We are selling this turner “as is” and we    —-> Read the Rest

Scarab model 14 Self Propelled Compost Turner

W021260aWebPrice: $60,000
Number: W021260

This belt-driven Scarab compost turner is powered by a 250HP CAT 3306 Diesel engine with ony 2,000 hours of use. It will produce windrows that are 14 ft wide by 6ft high. It has a newer style drum, a high capacity radiator, hydraulic pumps have been rebuilt, and the tires are in good condition. It does have a John Deere cab on it, so it doesn’t have A/C, heat, and an air ride seat. This turner is in good operating condition and priced to sell! Call today for more details & a demonstration video!

Wildcat FX700 Windrow Turner

W0197aWebPrice: $10,000
Number: W0197

This pull behind Wildcat compost turner creates a 14’ wide by 4’ tall windrow in two passes and can turn about 500-700 tons per hour. It only requires a 65-120HP tractor with creeper gear and a 3pt. hitch. This turner was previously owned by a state entity and it is in operating condition. Call today for more details as this turner allows one operator to turn, fluff, mix, and aerate compost saving your business money and making a profitable product.

Scat 482B Tow-Behind Compost Turner

W0193aWebPrice: $17,500
Number: W0193

This tow-behind compost turner is powered by an 85HP Ford Diesel engine. It has an elevated face with shredding teeth for breaking up clumps & better aerating your material. It features a bag breaker bar & a cross conveyor on the back. This turner only requires a 60-80HP tractor and can turn up to 3,000 cubic yards per hour. This has been through our shop, we repaired the injectors, put new tires on as the others were weathered badly, and now it’s ready to go right to work!

Frontier TB 12 Pull Behind Compost Turner

W021251aWebPrice: $37,500
Number: W021251

This Frontier pull behind compost turner will create 12’ wide x 5’ tall windrows and only requires a minimum 85HP tractor with creeper gear.  It has wheels on it to move it and a new drive belt. It is in great operating condition and ready to go right to work.  Call for more details & pictures!

Wildcat CX700ME Windrow Turner

W02965aWebPrice: $20,000
Number: W021071

This Wildcat compost turner is hitched to fit an IT 28Z CAT wheel loader and creates 5’ high by 17’ wide windrows in 2 passes.  It has an 117HP Cummins engine.  It only has an estimated 1,005 hours of use.  This turner is in good working condition and comes with service & parts manuals. 

Sittler 507 Compost Turner

W021180aWebPrice: $17,500
Number: W021180

This PTO-driven Sittler 507 turner is a pull-type windrow turner that will create 7’ wide windrows. It comes with a water manifold and a tow bar to pull a water wagon. It is ready to go right to work and can turn up to 600 cubic yards per hour. Call today for more details!!