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Things to know about E-waste recycling equipment

E-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their “useful life.” Computers, Tablets, cell phones, video cameras, digital cameras, answering machines, photo copiers/ scanners,  radio’s, DVD players, tape players, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products that make up this category.  Things not included in e-waste are “white goods” such as washer & dryers, dish washers, refrigerators, freezers & waste compactors.  This is a completely different waste stream of its own.  Sometimes they also classify microwaves into the e-waste category while others lend it to go into the white goods classification.    —-> Read the Rest

Granutech Saturn 72x44HT Tire Shredder system

For sale a complete Granutech Saturn Model 72x44HT Tire shredding system that will take whole tires down to a 2 inch nominal TDF chip at a rate of approximately 7 – 8 tons per hour. Equipment list includes: Custom built whole tire in-feed conveyor (new) 48” wide X 34’ long flat slider belt with sides Custom built in-feed hopper for shredder (new) for doing a split chamber machine Completely Refurbished Granutech/Saturn Model 72 X 44HT shredder with (2) high output SAE hydraulic motors /furnished with 2”wide X 2 hook knives in the primary shredding chamber and 1 3/8” X 12    —-> Read the Rest

“For Sale” Granutech/Saturn Model 62 X40HT Tire Shredding System

Our company Unlimited Resources Corporation “URC” currently has available for immediate sale a complete whole tire down to 2″ nominal (TDF) tire chip system. We have sold over 50 of these particular model machines over the past nineteen years that we’ve been in business. We currently have three of these machines in inventory and we truly believe that this particular make and model machine is the best Mom & Pop machine available in the Industry. And what this means is that they are one of the most dependable, long lasting, easiest machines to work on, and they truly stand the    —-> Read the Rest

“For Sale” Used Portable Barclay 6P Roto-Shear Tire Shredder

This unit has been completely refurbished with all new knives installed and several of the stripping fingers replaced as well. This unit has been freshly painted and offers one of the best possible buys in the Industry today if someone has the need for a good Primary shredder. This would make the ideal machine for landfills and tire pile clean-ups and for pre-shredding in front of your present shredder. Shredder is mounted on a tandem axle double drop trailer and comes complete with factory drag chain in-feed conveyor and out-feed chute. The machine is powered by a 150KW Cummins powered    —-> Read the Rest

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