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Tire Recycling System Demonstration Video – Granutech Saturn 62×40 Tire Shredder with M50 Grizzly for Tire Recycling

This is a video of a completely refurbished Granutech 62x40HD tire shredder and Granutech M50 grizzly to take a whole tire to a 1 inch minus tire chip. If you are interested in tire recycling this tire shredder is a perfect solution to take your tire down to less than a 1 inch chip for sale or further processing.

URC is the one to call for all your Recycling Equipment needs!!

When it comes to needing any type of Recycling Equipment the first call you need to make is to Unlimited Resources Corporation (“URC”). Our company takes pride in the fact that we’ve now been serving this industry for over twenty years. And we look forward to continuing to serve this industry as long as we have customers interested in purchasing our Recycling Equipment as they have done now for so many years. We want to take this opportunity to thank you our loyal customers that we’ve had the opportunity to sell Recycling Equipment to over the past twenty years. We    —-> Read the Rest

Making of Rubber Mulch from Scrap Tires!

Our company Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC) has been involved in the building of several secondary grinding systems where the product produced was mainly used for the rubber mulch industry. Some of these systems were set up to make just plain black rubber mulch and others were set up to paint the mulch many different colors. The mulch produced from these systems is used in many applications and much of it is used for decorative mulch in all types of commercial landscaping venues. URC can Custom Build whatever your needs are for any type or color of rubber mulch you need    —-> Read the Rest

Tire Shredding or Waste Tire Recycling or Scrap Tire Shredding or Recycling or Processing

Our company, Unlimited Resources Corporation (URC), has been serving this industry for almost twenty years. We have sold countless machines for tire shredding or tire recycling over this period of time to many different individuals and companies. And we have had the fortune to be able to sell multiple machines to many of our customers so hopefully we have been doing something right for all these years. Tire shredding is not an easy business by any means and like any other business it requires a great deal of study and homework on the front end as well as a lot    —-> Read the Rest

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Exclusive Distributor for Raptor Manufacturing


Exclusive Distributor for Raptor Manufacturing Raptor Tire Shredders Raptor Scrreners and Classifiers Raptor Feed Conveyors Shredder Rebuilds