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Landscape Material from Recycled Tires

Unlimited Resources Corporation was recently contacted by a customer who wanted to add to his tire shredding business by installing a system to take his product smaller. We designed a system utilizing a Granutech M80 Grizzly and Rotex screen to reduce the size of his product. We took the rotor out of the Grizzly and had it hard faced at a machine shop in northern Indiana. Then we sent the newly hardfaced Grizzly to a shop in southern Indiana to be dynamically balanced. The improved Grizzly was put into a system with a custom built surge bin and drag chain    —-> Read the Rest

Raptors going to Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Unlimited Resources Corporation has just executed an agreement with a ROK company to send two complete lines of equipment there for producing two inch tire chips for fuel or feedstock for more processing. Each line will consist of an IDM Raptor R-142 Tire Shredder along with infeed conveyor, infeed hopper, an IDM balanced vibrating chip screener, recirculating conveyors, an outfeed conveyor and all the electrical controls to run everything. These R-142 tire shredders are workhorse primary tire shredders, with 250 H.P. direct electric drive motors, cascading knives in four sizes to greatly reduce knife costs by reuse, a lift and    —-> Read the Rest

Granutech/Saturn Grizzly Tire Recycling System for Making Low-Wire Boiler Fuel

See Video Demonstration : The Granutech Saturn M-80 Grizzly is one of the finest machines on the market today for making a small tire chip with much of the wire liberated. Simple screen changes allow the customer to make material from ½ inch to 1 inch. We have an M-80 Grizzly Tire grinder that has been completely refurbished with hardened and balanced rotor and all new knives, bearings and other wear items. A customer has asked us to create a system with the M-80 at its heart to grind and move one inch material from tire chips. In addition to the    —-> Read the Rest

Economical Self-Propelled Straddle Type Compost/Windrow Turner

Resource Recovery Systems International has been making compost turners for over thirty years. Their turners have been used by the U.S. military for remediation of contaminated soils and other tough jobs, taking hazardous biomaterials and converting them to usable end products. The KW 614 is the company’s most popular compost turner, handling trapezoidal compost piles six feet high and fourteen feet wide. The KW 614 has proven to be a reliable, low maintenance machine capable of handling all manner of organic material from sludge to wood chips and leaves. We recently acquired a KW 614 compost turner with low hours    —-> Read the Rest

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